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We love hearing feedback from our teachers,
here is what they are saying about working at Te Akonga

“A great group of loving supportive ladies. You know and feel that you can share knowledge and receive knowledge from your colleagues. You are valued in more ways than one”

“I love the team I work with and our tamariki encourage me to do my very best everyday”

“Perfect just the way it is"

“I’m extremely happy and I feel we have a professional environment”

“Working at Te Akonga and having the opportunity to be around more for my own family has been life changing for my children and I. I love that our team works together, no-one is thought of as ‘a higher’ person and respect and love is thick”

“We are so lucky to work in an environment where you know you are supported, cared for, respected and loved by great people. Love Te Akonga and what it stands for”

“Management is strong and supportive”

“I love that our managers are respectful and value relationships. They all have an inclusive culture”

“I feel so blessed to work with such an amazing team of ladies. ‘Our sisterhood’. I always feel appreciated, included and listened to. I’m proud to be a part of this special place and look forward to my future here. Thank you to management for helping me to continuously learn and grow into the teacher I am today”

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