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Te Akonga meaning: 'The Learner' or 'The Student'

We are a community based not for profit childcare centre in Pukekohe, Franklin. We pride ourselves on providing top quality care and education for children aged between 0 - 6 years. Our passionate teachers are highly trained, well-educated and loving, to ensure we provide the best service for our families.


We have a big heart for children who have additional needs​ and we're proud to have Early Intervention staff on-site.

We have two areas of play - Koru and Pitau. Koru is for children aged 2.5 - 6 and Pitau is for our children aged 0 - 2.5.

Great adult : child ratios

To learn more about MoE ECE ratios, click here

Because we are a community based centre we are governed by parents and community representatives who make up our governance board. The board employs our management team who make day to day decisions regarding the running of the centre. 

Our Philosophy
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Te Akonga is a unique early learning centre with a truly inclusive philosophy; We cherish and respect every child, we promote positive outcomes for all children through the development of warm responsive relationships and quality learning experiences.

We value respectful practice,where love and care is evident in the way we deliver the curriculum, and in our interactions with children and their whānau.


We honour the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua and respect the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We endeavour to embed Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga into our daily practice.


Te Akonga ELC founding members.JPG

The 'Tight 5"- from left Robyn W, Nan, Robyn M, Gloria and Pam

Te Akonga meaning ‘to learn with love’ has been operating since 1988 and was officially named Te Akonga ELC in 1994. Our centre started with a small group of children with additional needs in a spare classroom at Parkside Special School in Pukekohe. Founding member Robyn Moloney was one of the original staff members, she was soon joined by Nan and Gloria in the early 1990's, followed by Pam and Robyn W in 1996. These five ladies are famously named ‘the tight 5’. Te Akonga grew rapidly and soon we were too big for one classroom, which prompted us to find a new suitable premise to educate and care for children under 6.


During this year we jumped around the town using free accommodation where we could find it. We were located inside Pukekohe North school, then back to Parkside in two different classrooms and we were even located in an old villa owned by Franklin District Council. It became clear that we needed own own premises, and so the fundraising began!

After 2 years and not without serious drive, passion, commitment and love from our ‘tight 5’, plus staff, parents and community members, the tremendous efforts paid off - enough money was raised to build a new centre in Wellington St, Pukekohe. Families, staff, committee and members of the community helped to finish the painting and landscaping and we proudly moved in at the end of March 1998 - licensed for 30 children. It was a real triumph!


With continued growth and support, Te Akonga still needed more space for its growing roll. In 2006, the fundraising started again and with assistance from the Franklin District Council, a loan from the Ministry of Education and lots of hard work from dedicated parents and whanau, we moved in March 2008 to Franklin Rd where we are today. To this day the tight 5 are still involved in Te Akonga and always will be.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped us along the way – past staff, parents, whanau, children, support workers, volunteers and anyone involved

in the history of Te Akonga Early Learning Centre.

Our History
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