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At Te Akonga our 4 year olds attend Envirokidz one morning per fortnight.

This outdoor programme encourages children to learn in nature and develop skills such as risk taking, problem solving and to build a relationship with the natural world.

The programme is run once a fortnight from 9.30am - 12.30pm. The children are transported in the centre's van (equipped with car seats) or by car to a nearby location. Wet weather gear is supplied for this programme and children are asked to bring a drink bottle, lunch and a change of clothes because it gets messy!

"It is necessary to be outside for our brains to be stimulated from the flow of sound, light, shapes and colours that nature provides"

David Ingrar

Envirokids 2 2023.jpg

Oh the fun they have!

Browse our gallery and see what adventures the 4 year olds have been getting up to

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