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Meaning: Pitau refers to the beginning of life, much like the tightly furled fern frond before it opens. This is likened to the age and stage of our babies who begin their preschool life in Pitau.

For our children aged 0 - 2.5 years

Things to know about Pitau​
  • We have great teacher to child ratios, with a maximum of 16 children in this space each day.

  • Our infant teachers respond sensitively to the individual needs of each child and tailor their care to provide a home away from home experience.

  • We believe in an inclusive, child led, play based learning environment, where our teachers support our children’s play with meaningful interactions and experiences.

  • Literacy and numeracy are interwoven throughout the day alongside the development of social skills.

  • Through play and care moments, strong relationships are built that foster our children’s sense of self.

  • Every child is treated with respect and child guidance strategies are positive and nurturing.

  • In our outdoor space our children take part in many activities such as water and sand play, messy play, climbing, gardening, arts and crafts, bike riding, regular walks in our local community and day trips in our van.

  • In our indoor space our children read books, dance to music, draw, sing, dress up, play with playdough, build with blocks, sensory play, cuddle Herman our blue tongued lizard and PLAY!

  • We share morning tea together every day and eat from our lunch boxes when we feel hungry.

  • Our indoor play space and sleep room provide air conditioning or heating to optimise comfort. This allows children to play and sleep in areas that will provide a warm or cool environment in all weather.

Check out what our Pitau babes have been up to

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