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We love hearing feedback from our parents,
here is what they are saying about their journey with Te Akonga.....

'The interaction with other kids is amazing, my son has so much other stuff going on with his therapy and he knows when he goes to playschool he just gets to have fun!'

'My son has blossomed for more than I could ever have imagined, his sheer independence is incredible'

'Thank you for a warm, fun and nurturing environment'

'My daughter loves going to “school” and I know she is loved when she gets there.'

'We really appreciate the personal touch'

'My child has made some great friends and is able to explore and learn which is supported by her amazing teachers.'

'You were the only day-care I felt comfy with and my gut was not wrong!'

'My daughter has come ahead in leaps and bounds since starting at Te Akonga.'

'My son is thriving since he started at Te Akonga and he is always excited to go to his “school”, he is speaking so much more and much more clearly too…He is always talking about his friends and is so happy – Thank you all so much'

'My child has loved his time at Te Akonga, I can tell he has learnt heaps as he will often speak of things that have not happened at home.'

'Socialising and bonding with friends and teachers gave my child more confidence.'

'Thank you for making us as a family feel loved, supported, cherished and like we belong – We love each and every one of you'

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