Te Akonga Early Learning Centre - Where children with special needs get special attention

Learning, Development & Curriculum 


Within our inclusive environment we believe in learning experiences that reflect children’s strengths, interests and needs & build children’s confidence and competence.  Our resources support and extend children’s learning and development.  Warm, responsive, reciprocal child/adult interactions & relationships are essential and contribute to the quality care and education we offer.  Our environment helps create resilient, socially competent children.  Using positive teaching strategies supports children’s learning.  Children with special needs learn and develop alongside their typically developing peers or in a one to one situation with a teacher.  Our programme helps develop confident and competent children, ready to transition into school.  Our qualified, stable teaching staff and high teacher/child ratios contribute to quality early childhood education.  Professional development contributes to the learning, development and growth of our teachers.  Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum is the basis of our planning & teaching.  Our latest ERO report can be viewed  on the wall at reception or at www.ero.govt.nz


Family and Community


Family and community desires and goals are valued and respected.  Family and community involvement is encouraged.  Parents, caregivers, whanau and visitors are welcome at any time. Centre relationships help build friendships and support networks.