Te Akonga Early Learning Centre - Where children with special needs get special attention

Parent Information

We are a community based not for profit childcare centre, managed by a Governance Board which meets monthly.  The Centre Manager makes day to day decisions regarding the running of the centre and reports to the Governance Board. The Governance Board is made up of parents/caregivers who are elected at the AGM.  All parents/caregivers are welcome to attend Governance Committee meetings.

Centre Hours

Te Akonga’s hours of operation are 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday inclusive.  

Enrolment Form

Each parent will be asked to complete an enrolment form, providing the necessary background information on their child, before starting.  Either a birth certificate or passport and immunisation certificate must be sighted at enrolment.


If your child is sick or not able to attend his/her day for some other reason, please phone the centre by 9.30am or email admin@teakonga.org.nz.  Full payment is still required if your child is absent.

Government 20 Hours Early Childhood Education

The 20hrs ECE Scheme is available to children from 3 to 5 years of age for up to 6 hours per day.

Late Pick Up

Please ensure your child is collected by 5.30pm.  If you are going to be late, please phone the Centre asap so we can notify two teachers involved as they may have other personal commitments to get to after their day.  A late fee of $25.00 per 15 minutes will be charged.

Te Akonga Communication

A whiteboard is located in reception where you will be to read important daily information.  We will also communicate via your child’s notice pocket, email, our website www.teakonga.co.nzand our Facebook page.  A newsletter is produced every term with a copy placed in your notice pocket and on our website.

Individual Portfolios

The portfolios are an ongoing record of your child’s time at Te Akonga.  They document your child’s learning & development and contain observations, learning stories, photos & art.  E-portfolios are also available.  Your focus teacher will inform how to access your child’s e-portfolio.

Trips & Excursions

Te Akonga Early Learning Centre will regulary go on trips outside of the Centre, either local where we go for a walk to the shops or the park etc…. or further afield.  For further afield trips a permission slip will be placed in your notice pocket beforehand.  There may be a small cost involved.

Starting Your Child

Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to attend two pre-visits of approximately 2 hours each.  You are welcome to stay until your child has settled on their first enrolled day.

Children’s Birthdays

We are happy to acknowledge each child’s birthday.  You are welcome to send a birthday cake for your child to celebrate & share with the other children at morning tea or lunch.


Children who have an illness that is contagious must not attend the centre until symptoms are absent for 24 hours.  If your child becomes ill while at preschool they will be sent home.  Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting can return to the centre 24 hours after their last bout.  Conjunctivitis is highly contagious and your child may return when the eye discharge has stopped. 

Parent Library

A parent library is available for information on a range of topics including: child development, education & parenting skills.  The library is located inside the main entrance.  If you would like to borrow a book fill out the book card with your name and details.


Written permission must be given by a parent/caregiver. Please notify a senior staff member if medication is required.  Do not leave the medication in your child’s bag.

Signing In and Out

You are required to sign your child in and out of the centre each time he/she attends. This is essential for health and safety reasons and is also a Ministry of Education requirement.  Please personally hand your child over to a member of staff before leaving and ensure that the outside gates are shut. If another adult is collecting your child you must inform the centre. We will not let your child leave the centre without this permission.


We lease half of the carpark from the Pukekohe Rugby Club.  Please try to park on the half of the carpark closest to the Centre.

Fundraising Committee

The Centre has a voluntary Fundraising Committee made up of parents.  If you would like to join this committee please see the Centre Manager.